Making Sense of President Trump’s ‘Big League’ Changes to Energy Policy

We’ve been producing The Energy Gang podcast for three years. The past three months have brought the most frenzied and manic news cycle that we’ve ever grappled with. We're still trying to make sense of it.

This week, we'll bring you a live conversation from Columbia University’s Energy Symposium in New York City. The Gang was joined by former NRG CEO David Crane for a lively discussion about Trumpland.

We start with a look at the turbulent first weeks of the Trump administration. We’ve had nominations, executive orders, blackouts, bans, proposed budget cuts, resignations, rogue twitter accounts and growing protests. We’re just 14 days into the administration — what can we expect for the next 100 days?

Then, we turn the mic around on David Crane. In 2014, while CEO of NRG, he wrote a letter to shareholders saying the power provider needed to become the Apple, Amazon, Google or Facebook of the energy sector. It didn’t take long for shareholders to sour on that vision. So what does this say about how hard it is to transition from brown to green?

Finally, how to get a job. We go through many of the questions that people ask us when looking for a job in cleantech.

This podcast is sponsored by KACO New Energy, a leading solar inverter company with superior engineering and unmatched customer service.

from GTM Solar


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