Art of the Deal: A Look at Why Fortune 100 Companies Are Buying So Much Renewable Energy

This year, 1.3 gigawatts of renewable energy deals have already been signed by some of the top corporations in the world. While that's down from 2016, it's already above the number from 2015. And it's more than a 10x increase from 2011.

This week, the Rocky Mountain Institute and GM assembled some of the top buyers and sellers of renewables in corporate America at the Business Renewables Center conference in Detroit.

We're coming to you live from General Motors' world headquarters, where we'll talk about how these deals are structured, and what's motivating companies to keep investing.

As we’ve discussed on this show before, some of the biggest companies in the world are setting ambitious targets for renewables and carbon reductions. And no longer are they just buying credits — they are signing contracts for the clean electrons, thus supporting gigawatts of new projects.

Stephen and Shayle are joined by Hervé Touati, managing director of the Rocky Mountain Institute and co-manager of the Business Renewables Center. They're also joined by Rob Threlkeld, the General Manager of renewable energy at General Motors.


from GTM Solar


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